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Price starting at $169.95

Evacuate and refill the transmission/transaxle with approved fluid. Adjust linkage if necessary. Check transmission/transaxle operation.



Inspect condition of all hoses, clamps, and belts. Up to one gallon of coolant added to your vehicle. Pressure test system. Inspect radiator and water pump for proper operation.

Tire Rotation


Check and set tire pressures. Rotate tires & wheels as recommended.



Price starting at $99.95. Install pads. Inspect rotors. Check calipers and master cylinder fluid levels.


Price starting at $99.97

Free installation of an AC DELCO Battery with purchase of battery Maintenance Service.


Price starting at $99.95

Inspect condition of all hoses and clamps. Service and bleed power steering fluid system. Replenish with proper grade fluids.

Lube, Oil & Filter


Inspect all fluid levels and condition. Check belts and hoses. Lube door and hood hinges, lube steering, suspension and driveline. Includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil and new ACDelco oil filter.



Price starting at $24.97. Replace wiper blades. Free installation with purchase.



Flush fuel injector and add 1 bottle of fuel additive to your tank.

6 Oil Changes, Rotations $199*


Three Years' of Routine Service, One Low Price! Includes: 6 Oil Changes and Tire Rotations for 3 years!



Hendrick is proud to offer a complimentary Alignment Check with any vehicle service! See a Service Advisor for further details.



Complimentary Brake Inspection! Check brake lines and hoses. Inspect disc brake pads and linings. Check rotors and drums. Check master cylinder and fluid levels.



Price starting at $129.95. Technician uses Reflect-a-Coat to remove oxidized film, polish lens, and apply a protective UV-resistant coating. Save hundreds over replacement lamps.


$5.00 OFF

Use this coupon for $5 off any Hendrick apparel item in our Parts Department Includes: Hats, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, and Jackets. Coupon Code: MERCH15

Tire Price Match Guarantee

Hendrick offers a 30-day price match guarantee on any set of GM's 12 tire brands. Coupon Code: TIREMATCH Includes: BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, General, Goodyear, Hankook, Kelly, Michelin, Pirelli, and Uniroyal



Includes: Inspect fluid levels, check steering, suspension, wiper blades, exhaust, undercarriage, belts and hoses. Coupon Code: 27PTINSPFREE



Includes: Visual inspection and testing of battery.

The Last C7 Has Been Auctioned!

Since we heard the announcement that we will be seeing the C8 mid-engine Corvette come to live in July of 2019, we knew the end of the C7 front-engine Corvette would see it's final days. The last C7 has been auctioned, and the price was certainly not cheap at a whopping $2.7 million! Learn more about the final C7 auction and where the proceeds are going now!

See Dealer for Details

Everything You Need to Know About the C8 Mid-Engine

With the release of the first-ever Corvette mid-engine just days away, there's a lot that we still don't know! The features and specs that we do know, however, have us even more excited for the C8 mid-engine release than we already were! Learn more about the release date, the drivetrain and more now to get pumped for the C8 release on July 18, 2019!

See Dealer for Details

Hear the Purr of The C8 Mid-Engine

Is there anything better than hearing the aggressive purr of a V8 engine? Not likely, except for when that V-8 purr is coming from under the hood of the all-new Corvette C8 mid-engine! The mid-engine has been spotted along a highway in Detroit and when the engine is revved, this seemingly-silent Vette releases an intimidating roar of its engine that will send chills down your spine. Get a taste of what is to come in the C8 mid-engine now and enjoy the satisfaction yielded from hearing that sweet engine purr.

Will the C8 Corvette Be Untunable?

With the passing of time and the steady improvements in technology, we're seeing more and more computerization in modern cars, and the new Corvette C8 mid-engine will be no different. Thanks to strong cybersecurity features being added to General Motors vehicles, it makes us wonder if the C8 Corvette will be tunable for aftermarket products. Learn about some of our theories and reasoning behind the GM security push now!

Polishing the Diamond

Scott Gentry's C4 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is still a shining star of the Corvette world, thanks to the Callaway's twin turbo power package that redefined the Corvette standards. As if we thought Gentry's car couldn't get any better, Tony from Deviate Motoring took this Vette to the next level! See all of the upgrades, including new Michelin Pilot Sport tires and custom Callaway Flush Loc caps, and fall in love with this timeless Corvette now!

Spotted without A Rear-Wing!

While it was out on a high-speed test, the C8 Corvette mid-engine was spotted without an iconic feature that we're used to seeing on the current C7 generation. It appears there is no rear-wing! Could this be a base model, or is the C8 going to be lacking the wing? We're just days from finding out for sure. Learn about these potential C8 mid-engine spoilers now!

The Big Reveal Is Just Days Away

We know that you are anxiously awaiting the release of the 2020 Corvette C8 mid-engine, but it is just days away! From rumors and prototypes and renderings, we have all been on the edge of our seats awaiting the release of the C8 mid-engine, and now we know the unveiling will be happening in Tustin, California. Click here to learn more about the release date specifics!

How to Service a C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

You might be wondering how "technical" or "difficult" it is going to be to conduct routine maintenance on your new C8 mid-engine Corvette when it is released in July. We were able to get some insight on what the tool & training requirements will be for ensuring this new generation Corvette stays in its best condition possible. Find out what is required to service the C8 now!

The End of The C7 Is Near

It's out with the C7 generation Corvette and in with the C8 mid-engine in July. We've known that it was on the horizon, but we now have a better idea of when to expect the C7 officially being put out of production. See which of your favorite trims have already gone through their final ordering cycle now!

20 Th Anniversary of 24 Hours of Le Mans

Can you believe it has been 20 years since Corvette Racing first participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans? For this huge anniversary celebration, program manager Doug Dehan has spoken out on the entire experience of the Corvette Racing team and this spectacular 24 hour event have transformed since their first encounter. Learn more now!

2020 Corvette C8 Leaked

We might not have to wait until July to get a sneak peak at the 2020 Corvette C8 mid-engine model. It appears as though a C8 generation Corvette was spotted on Woodward Ave. in Detroit. Somehow, Youtuber Jacob Daniel managed to get decent views of the C8 mid-engine without touching it. I can't say I could do the same. Get your sneak peek now!

Any Service

15% OFF

Tire Price Match Guarantee

Provide us with a better price at the time of purchase and we'll match it. Find a better price within 30 days of the purchase, and we'll refund the difference.

Eligible Tire Brands: BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, General, Goodyear, Hankook, Kelly, Michelin, Pirelli, and Uniroyal.

Coupon Code: 201

6-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change Package

6-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change and Tire Rotation


Coupon Code: 202

8-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change Package

8-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change and Tire Rotation


Coupon Code: 212

Most ACDelco Gold (ACDelco Professional) Front Brake Pads Installed

24 Months/Unlimited Mile Warranty**


Coupon Code: 203

ACDelco Silver (ACDelco Advantage) Front Brake Rotors

Installed on most cars & small SUVs

12 Months/Unlimited Mile Warranty**

Coupon Code: 214

ACDelco Silver (ACDelco Advantage) Front Brake Rotors

Installed on most trucks and full-size SUVs

12 Months/Unlimited Mile Warranty**

Coupon Code: 215

Most ACDelco Gold 30-MO (ACDelco Professional) Batteries Installed

30-month free-replacement limited warranty**


Coupon Code: 207

Transmission Service

$10.00 OFF
Drain and refill the transmission/transaxle with approved fluid. Check transmission/transaxle operation. Plus tax, if applicable. Not valid with other offers. Coupon valid at vehicle check-in.

Coupon Code: 15

Four-Wheel Alignment

Check steering, suspension and shocks. Set toe-in, camber and caster (where applicable). Check tie-rods and ball joints. Check tire pressure and inspect tires for cuts, damage, and uneven wear. Tax and shop supplies extra. May not be combined with other offers. Coupon valid at vehicle check-in.

Coupon Code: 40

At Your Service Offer

Choose any service available in our Service Department. This exclusive offer not valid for insurance work, warranty, other offers or service specials. Plus tax, if applicable. Present offer at time of service.

Coupon Code: 39

MPG Maximizer

Maximize your Gas Mileage

$25.00 OFF
Proper maintenance and servicing of your vehicle is critical to achieving the very best fuel economy for your vehicle. Don't burn gas and hard earned money needlessly. Our MPG Maximizer includes a Quality Lube Oil & Filter change, Four Wheel Alignment, Four Wheel Balance & Tire Rotation, Air Filter Replacement, Fuel System Service and 27 Point Vehicle Inspection. Poor vehicle condition may adversely affect overall fuel economy. Excludes diesels and dual rear wheeled vehicles.

Coupon Code: 51

Car Wash & Vacuum Special

With Every Paid Service

Includes wash of exterior, tire shine, & vacuum of interior. Plus tax, if applicable. Not valid with other offers. Present offer at time of service.

Coupon Code: 58

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